The Pipes of Suffolk
  Rumburgh, Sibton, Framlingham, Saxtead, Brundish, Laxfield and Hoxne - Suffolk, England

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A 500-year Pipeline

The connections with some of the primary families on this website with the Pipes of Suffolk, England, starts with Maria Pipe, born 14 July 1822 in the village of Rumburgh. Maria is the 2nd great grandmother of Michael Otterson, this site’s webmaster.

According to current research, Maria’s direct, unbroken line extends back for another 300 years, to the 1500s, at least. Although these inter-generational links appear on a number of family trees on the Internet, many of them have yet to be properly documented and proved. The earlier the dates, the less certain the information. The direct lines below reflect only the current state of research.

Maria Pipe (born 1822, Rumburgh, Suffolk)
Father: Jeremiah Pipe (1787-1850)
Mother: Mary Reynolds (1787-1848)

Jeremiah Pipe (born 1787, Sibton, Suffolk)
Father: William Pipe (1754-1842)
Mother: Mary Bloomfield (1756-1843)

William Pipe (born 1754, Sibton, Suffolk)
Father: William Pipe (christened 1722)
Mother: Rose Daniels

William Pipe (christened 1722, Framlingham, Suffolk)
Father: John Pipe (christened 1674)
Mother: Mary Ralf

John Pipe (christened 1674, Saxtead, Suffolk)
Father: William Pipe (1649-1731)
Mother: Anne Girling (1657-1746)

William Pipe (born 1649, Saxtead, Suffolk)
Father: William Pipe (born 1611)
Mother: Sarah Neal

William Pipe (born 1611, Brundish, Suffolk)
Father: William Pipe (born 1586)
Mother: Rebecca (born 1590)

William Pipe (born 1586, Laxfield, Suffolk)
Father: Jerome Pipe (born 1563)
Mother: Margaret Dowsing (born 1565)

Jerome Pipe (born 1563, England)
Father: William Pipe (born 1530)
Mother: Mildred Thymblethorpe (born 1530)

William Pipe (born 1530, England)
Father: Thomas Pipe (1505-1560)
Mother: Margaret (?)

Thomas Pipe (born 1505, Suffolk)
Father: William Pipe (born about 1485)
Mother: Margery (?)

William Pipe (born about 1485, England)
Father: John Pipe (born about 1467?)
Mother: Lettice (?)

John Pipe (born about 1467, Hoxne, Suffolk)
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

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Documenting the past

The photographs of the gravestones on this page were taken by Caroline Rossell-Evans Price in 2006. The stones lie weathered and beaten in the churchyard of All Saints, Saxtead, Suffolk. Their moss-encrusted faces are already hard to read, sometimes undecipherable. The people whose lives they commemorate are now reflected only in a few surviving records of the times.

Yet the Pipes of Suffolk are an old family, traceable to the late 1400s in the same county. In the age of the Internet, several people have reproduced for their own family trees centuries-long lines of Pipe families copied from the Web, but very few have attempted to document those relationships properly, using tried and tested techniques to research the family ties. This website will eventually do that, with the support of a handful of serious researchers. As the records are identified, they will be listed for each family shown opposite, with scanned images shown where possible. Click on the underlined links for more information about these families as they are added.


Pipe gravestones at All Saints, Saxtead, Suffolk


William Pipe’s stone, died 1800, age about 84

James and Rachel Pipe, who died 1868-1869


James Pipe, died 1820, and Jane Pipe, 1818

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