Nicholas Otterson and Hannah Calvert
Also second wife Sarah Ann West Scott
Jarrow, Sunderland and Houghton-le-Spring, Durham, England

Nicholas Otterson was christened in the historic St. Paul’s Church in Jarrow in September of 1825. It is an ancient church, in an ancient town, but the Ottersons had not lived there for more than a few years and Jarrow was already showing some of the characteristics that would label it as a boom town of the Industrial Revolution a few years later. 

The father of the family, also named Nicholas, was a sailor early in life but had switched to coal mining as that industry in County Durham grew rapidly. The colliery at Jarrow would provide employment not only for Nicholas Snr., but also for his sons.

Son Nicholas was the sixth child in the family, and we can only speculate on his early years. By the time he appears on the first published census of England in 1841, he is in his early teens, the family has moved back to Monkwearmouth Colliery in Sunderland, and living in a home owned by the coal company.

He was only 19 when he married Hannah Calvert, daughter of a sailor from Sunderland and with brothers also in the merchant navy.  They were married in January of 1845 and their son John was born in December. He would be their only child - at least, the only one to survive. Some time in the early 1850s, Hannah died, leaving son John as an only child.

In 1857, Nicholas remarried. His wife was a widow with two children of her own. Sarah Scott was the same age as Nicholas - 31, and the mother of Thomas and Jane, ages 7 and 5. They would have no children together. Nicholas’s home at the time was in Brook Street on Monkwearmouth Shore, edging the River Wear. However, the family moved to Houghton-le-Spring, not far to the south, where Sarah had been born.

Top: Jarrow Colliery, where the Ottersons worked in the 1830s (copyright, if any, unknown). Above: Ancient St. Paul’s Church, Durham, where Nicholas was christened. The church and Jarrow itself both have a long and remarkable history.

There, Nicholas was able to work at the local colliery but also supplement the family income by working in a pub. The 1871 census lists him as a coal miner and publican. He was still quite young at that time - just 46 - but Nicholas died when he was only 55. His second wife, Sarah, lived for another 20 years and worked well into her late 60s. She passed away from heart disease and exhaustion at Houghton-le-Spring in February of 1901. She was 73.












Children of
Nicholas Otterson and Hannah Eliza Calvert

John Otterson - Born 1845 Sunderland, Durhamotterson__john_and_jane_1845.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0
Parents of
Nicholas Otterson
Father: Nicholas Otterson 
Mother: Jane Middlemas
Hannah Eliza Calvert
Father: George Calvert
Mother: Mary Charltonotterson_nicholas_and_jane_1783.htmlotterson_nicholas_and_jane_1783.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0shapeimage_12_link_1shapeimage_12_link_2shapeimage_12_link_3
Nicholas Otterson: 
Born 1825 Jarrow, Durham, England
Hannah Eliza Calvert: 
Born 1825 Sunderland, Durham, England

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