Lizzie, born 1883, Sunderland, Durham, England. Died 1964 Sunderland.

    William, born 1808, County Tyrone, Ireland. Died 1868, Gateshead, Durham, England.

    William James, born 1846, Gateshead, Durham, England. Died 1898, Sunderland, Durham, England.

  1. Bullet BERRY - Liverpool, England - 1800s-1900s

  2. Bullet BURDON - Winlaton, Durham, England - 1800s

  3. Bullet CALVERT

    Calvert, George and Hannah, and George and Mary and their seafaring family

    Hannah Eliza, born 1825, Monkwearmouth, Durham, England. Died 1851-1857.

  1. BulletCHARLTON

    Elizabeth Jane, born 1849, Gateshead, Durham, England. Died 1911, Sunderland, Durham, England.

  1. Bullet DIX

    Daniel, born 1834, North Walsham, Norfolk, England. Died 1880, Williton, Somerset, England.

    Doris, born 1912 Sunderland, Durham, England. Died 1977, Southport, Merseyside, England.

    James, born 1812, Antingham, Norfolk, England. Died 1904, Erpingham, Norfolk, England.

    John James, born 1874, Murton, Durham, England. Died 1949, Sunderland, Durham, England.

    Lewis, born 1853, Antingham, Norfolk, England. Died 1893, Bishopwearmouth, Durham, England.

    Martha, born 1804, Antingham, Norfolk, England. Died 1878, Erpingham, Norfolk, England.

    Matthew, born 1775, Southrepps, Norfolk, England.

    Robert, born 1903, Sunderland, Durham, England. Died 1995, Barnsley, Yorkshire, England.

  1. Bullet DOWLING

    Elizabeth, born 1838, Liverpool, England.

  1. Bullet DYBALL - Norfolk villages, England - 1800s

  2. Bullet GARWOOD

    Elizabeth Lawson, born 1876, London. Died 1951, Barnsley, Yorkshire

  1. Bullet GILES

    Alfred, born 1860, Liverpool, England. Died 1936, Liverpool.

    Frederick Wright, born 1863, Liverpool, England. Died 1950, Battersea, London, England.

    George, born 1821, Lickey, Worcestershire, England. Died 1896, Liverpool, England. (Three pages).

    William, born 1799, Lickey, Worcestershire, England. Died 1888, Redditch, Worcestershire.

  1. Bullet HACKETT - Ireland; Liverpool, England - 1800s

  2. Bullet HENWOOD - Cornwall, England - 1500s-1800s

  3. Bullet JOYCE - Dublin and County Meath, Ireland; Liverpool, England - 1800s-1900s

  4. Bullet LAWSON - County Durham and Northumberland villages, England - 1700s-1800s

  5. Bullet McFARLAND - Scotland; Southwick, Durham, England - 1800s

  6. Bullet OTTERSON

    Elizabeth, born 1817, Sunderland, Durham, England. Died 1898, Winnebago County, Wisconsin, USA.

    James, born 1884, Sunderland, Durham, England. Died 1916, Somme, France.

    John, born 1827, Jarrow, Durham, England. Died 1904, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.

    John, born 1845, Monkwearmouth, Durham, England. Died 1898, Sunderland, Durham, England.

    Joseph, born 1829, Jarrow, Durham, England. Died Oklahoma, USA.  

    Michael, born 1948, Liverpool, England. Living. 

    Nicholas, born 1783, Sunderland, Durham, England. Died 1879, Winneconne, Wisconsin, USA.

    Nicholas, born 1825, Jarrow, Durham, England. Died 1880, Gateshead, Durham, England.

    Robert, born 1881, Sunderland, Durham, England. Died 1970, Nottingham, England. (Three pages).

    Robert, born 1911, Sunderland, Durham, England. Died 1949, Wrexham, Wales. (Multiple pages).

    Thomas, born about 1720s, Sunderland, Durham, England. 

  1. Bullet OXTON

    Ann, born 1860, Liverpool, England. Died 1932, Liverpool, England.

  1. Bullet PIPE - Suffolk villages, England - 1500s-1800s

  2. Bullet REED

    James, born 1807, County Mayo, Ireland. Died 1851-1861, Liverpool, England. (Two pages).

  1. Bullet RILEY

    Patrick, born 1833, Ireland.

  1. Bullet RUTHERFORD - County Durham villages, England - 1800s

  2. Bullet SMILES

    John, born 1796, England. Died 1848-1871, England.

    Mary Jane, born 1853, West Jesmond, Tyneside, England. Died 1936, Sunderland, Durham, England.

    Thomas, born 1835, Dinnington, Northumberland, England. Died 1907, Alnwick, Northumberland.

  1. Bullet STOREY

    Jane, born 1848, Southwick, Durham, England. Died 1919, Sunderland, Durham, England.

  1. Bullet WRIGHT - Cornwall and Devon, England - 1782; to other parts of England, various parts of USA 1900s

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