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The Places

Major or interesting places associated with the individuals mentioned on the site are featured according to the country. An understanding of the places our ancestors lived in adds immeasurably to our insight into their lives.The_Places.html

The People

The stories featured on this website are those of principal lines of the Otterson-Berry family tree. Each name is listed alphabetically in a master index, along with the year of birth and place of birth and death, if known.
Underlined names link to the pages for the individual and his or her family. If a name is not underlined with a live link, the feature page is awaiting development. More are being added continually.The_People.html

The Times

These pages are historical overviews of the time periods that parallel the stories on the site. They  tell of times of war and famine, empire and migration, disease and scientific advance. The lives of our ancestors were inextricably bound to the economics, politics, social circumstances and other factors of each age.The_Times.html

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The home page contains a menu and links to the three core sections of the site:

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It also has a link to a “What’s new?” page for the whole site. Pages are color coded according to their theme for ease of navigationHome.html
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How to share information, including exchange of gedcom files.gedcom_instructions.html
What’s new?

Lists the most recent additions to the site. This page also lists site highlights, which are periodically updated.Whats_new.html
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